Why marketers need to add Chatbots to their toolbox

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Email – What the figures say

Go on – be honest with yourself – how many marketing emails have you really read in the last year? Not as many as the year before, or the year before that!

Average email marketing open rates in 2017 were between 20% & 35%. Our Messenger Chatbots consistently achieve open rates in excess of 80%.

Do you know what the average email click-through rates in 2017 were, compared to Messenger?

Chatbot Click-through rates


Messenger – What the figures say

An average of 8 billion messages per month are sent between people and businesses using Facebook Messenger. That’s up from 1 billion in 2017 – a massive 4-fold increase.

8 bn Messages sent through Facebook Messenger to businesses

The number of businesses using Facebook Messenger Chatbots increased from 100,000 in 2017 to more than 300,000 in 2018.



Messaging Apps are now bigger than Social Media

Whilst most businesses are focused on their Social Media strategies, reach, engagement and growth more than 300,000 businesses have already adopted Facebook Messenger Marketing using Chatbots, and are reaping the rewards.


Messaging apps are now bigger than social networks
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“Messaging apps are about more than messaging. The first stage of the chat app revolution was focused on growth. In the next phase, companies will focus on building out services and monetizing chat apps’ massive user base.”

Business Insider

Over 1.2 billion people use Facebook Messenger every month

Messaging apps allow for text, images, attachments and more, just like email does. Where they differ is with the actual speed of conversation. Amazingly, it also feels like a more personal human interaction, even when it’s not.

Burberry Facebook Messenger Chatbot
Burberry Facebook Messenger Chatbot – Click to try it

Brad Burton Chatbot
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The big brands are investing heavily in Chatbots

With proven ROI, brands are flocking to Facebook Messenger to take advantage of the customer engagement possibilities.

News Chatbots

Receiving personalised news updates via a chatbot in Messenger is a beautiful experience. With brands such as CNN, TechCrunch and The Wall Street Journal, all leading the charge to build a loyal following using chatbots.

CNN, WSJ + TechCrunch Chatbots
CNN, WSJ + TechCrunch Chatbots. Click links above
Retail Chatbots

Brands are especially excited about the possibilities that chatbots promise. International brands such as Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger & Adidas are reaping the benefits.

Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger + Adidas
Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger + Adidas. Click links above
Sport Chatbots

Sports brands using Chatbots are able to engage on a much more personal level with their fans, getting real-time feedback and driving engagement. We are huge fans of Chatbots by Manchester City, theScore & Machaao.

Manchester City, theScore + Machaao Chatbots
Manchester City, theScore + Machaao Chatbots. Click links above.


Entertainment Chatbots

Mainstream entertainment has changed forever. You can now get news about your favourite shows, games and movies via chatbot. Why not try TickX, JokeBot & Flourish & Blotts Bot.

TickX, JokeBot + Flourish + Blotts Bot Chatbot
TickX, JokeBot + Flourish and Blotts Bot Chatbot


Chad Oda Chatbot Consultant
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