We don’t like assumptions, we love analytics though!

Understanding what could, should and must be measured is important, but not as important as knowing what the results mean and what needs to change to improve returns. Analytics are not just about website visits – it’s about so much more!

Typically we measure based on the business goal, which might include – message reach, website visits, leads, newsletter or membership sign-ups or sales. This isn’t set in stone though – our analytics service can measure and track any and all aspects of your digital marketing and online visibility.

Social Media Analytics play a vital role in understanding where to start any digital marketing or social media campaigns, as how effective a social media campaign has been and can often aid business decision making. Blooming Social Media have experience of delivering projects for Social Media listening including – sentiment analysis, social media monitoring, audience analysis, competitor research and key performance indicator (KPI) & Social Media reporting.

Get in touch with us today to see how analytics can help identify strong areas for growth in your business.

One accurate measurement is worth more than a thousand expert opinions.
— Admiral Grace Hopper

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Performance of Instagram Posts


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