Sometimes all you want is expertise for a time-limited project. This can take the form of a new service launch, a live event or another event that needs the social media aspects planned, delivered and measured effectively.

Social media campaign planning is at the core of many of the services Blooming Social Media offer. Whether large or small, each and every campaign must have an overall goal that is either tangible or non-tangible. Everything delivered during the campaign must in-turn deliver results in-line with this goal.

A typical goal might be to increase website traffic by 200%.

This is easily measurable, but is it a worthwhile goal? This goal is missing some key elements.  For example – the baseline. A 200% increase on 100 visits in the previous period might be easy to achieve, but on 10,000 visits much more time and effort would be needed. The example goal is also missing a timescale in which the goal should be completed. We work with the business to define clear goals that are challenging, but achievable, based on the clients budget.

Effective Campaign Management is not all about planning. Execution is equally important and can make a good campaign great. Every campaign is a learning experience that provides valuable data which can be used to improve future campaigns.

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Author: Jim Rowe

The airline KLM recently released a video on Facebook showcasing how their customers can receive their booking confirmation, flight updates and even their boarding passes through Facebook Messenger.

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