Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are now intrinsically linked to effective delivery of social media goals and because of this, form a key element in both the planning and delivery phase of any Social Media Campaign. The days of stuffing web pages full of keywords and using other under-hand tactics to try and fool search engines are long gone. Many businesses that employed unscrupulous SEO experts are now seeing their websites penalised. Social signals are becoming increasingly integrated into search engine’s algorithms. To what level, we are unlikely to ever know, but evidence points to them becoming more important rather than less, as search engines attempt to provide better search results.

Creating an efficient and effective SEO/SEM plan is key to maximising your business’s ability to be found online and to keep your website and social assets attracting visitors. If you are finding building an audience for your website or social channels a challenge, it might be time to explore SEO & SEM further, with Blooming Social Media.

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Tips For Getting Your First Fa...


Author: Jim Rowe

Starting out on Facebook as a business page can be daunting, and getting those first likes can seem impossible. Here we have 9 tips on how to get that initial boost so you hit the ground running.
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