Facebook BOT Development & Management

Facebook Messenger BOT Development & Management Facebook Messenger Chatbots have arrived and are revolutionising Social Media Marketing. More personalised and targeted marketing is great for both the consumer and the business.

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Snapchat Geofilter design and management

The rise of Snapchat has been meteoric and that in-turn has resulted in a massive increase in the use of Snapchat Geofilters. If you are looking to raise the profile of your event or location – Then you need to get your Snapchat Geofilter on!

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Example Snapchat Geofilters Header image

Social Media Referral Program

The Blooming Social Media referral program is a low risk, additional service offering that any business can offer to existing and new clients alike. Our wide range of services have been designed to be complimentary to each other and provide attractive options for those supporting businesses of all sizes in their endeavours to grow.

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Full Agency Support

Whether you are a Marketing or PR Agency in need of some additional expertise, or a business owner wanting advice and planning support to grow your business, we have the skills and energy to help.

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Full agency support

Campaign Management

Sometimes all you want is additional expertise for a time-limited project. This can take the form of a new service launch, a live event or another event that needs the Social Media aspect planned, delivered and measured effectively.

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campaign management

Content Marketing

Creating, distributing and measuring the effectiveness of content that is relevant to the audience, and that achieves the business aims, is just part of the story. The balance between time and content is a constant battleground. Here at Blooming Social Media, we provide valuable content creation and syndication services.

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content marketing

Search Engine Optimisation

Creating an efficient and effective SEO/SEM plan is key to maximising your business’s ability to be found online and to keep your website and social assets attracting visitors.

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Search engine optimisation

Conversion Optimisation

We spend so much time attracting our customers only for them to either have a poor experience, or leave and never come back. Blooming Social Media use customer data to understand and enhance the customer experience.

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conversion optimisation


Blooming Social Media place great emphasis on the development of well thought-out strategies that deliver tangible results.

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Understanding what could, should and must be measured is important, but not as important as knowing what the results mean and what needs to change to improve returns. Analytics are not just about website visits!

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